Acura Integra 2023 CVT Full Deep Dive Review. Why Integra CVT 2023?

Good day everyone! I see that you are looking for the all new fifth generation Acura Integra 2023 CVT which was released early June 2022. Well I will give my hands on full deep dive review on the CVT version with A-Spec Technology trim as I purchased it in last week of June 2022 and currently have over 3500 miles on it already by mid Aug 2022. This will be a genuine review as I feel that is what most of you are looking forward for a real words. This review is not being sponsored by anyone and it is completely from my own experience and my opinion only.

Active lifestyle design with enough space

Acura has released 4 trims for the Integra 2023 and out of them 3 trims are CVT Continuous Variable Transmission (automatic) and 1 trim is manual stick drive. Acura Integra is a legendary car from Honda/Acura from years 1986-2006 and here it is back again in June 2022 with a 2023 year model. Acura released its first Integra in 1986 which was a huge hit and then they discontinued it in 2002 in US with name Integra but then in 2002-2006, they released Acura RSX which was also considered as Integra in US but in Japan, it was Integra. It is now back with new design specifications with active lifestyle design. Expecting an Integra Type S or Type R for performance car. Acura Integra is considered as premium version of Honda Civic Si with better luxury, design and higher price point.

Why Acura Integra 2023 CVT transmission?

Most of the pre-orders for Integra were manual transmission as per the news. The reason I preferred the CVT automatic transmission for Integra was because of my needs and usage. I am going to share my experience on the Acura Integra 2023 CVT with A-Spec/Technology trim. In my opinion, I feel that this car is perfect for a daily drive with good driving experience with good comfort and performance, spacious interior for 4-5 members with comfortable seating and space, better mileage for its performance, sharp exterior style with futuristic design.


  • Adaptive Damper System (ADS) – (Adaptive Suspensions) (only in A-Spect/Tech trims on both CVT and manual transmissions):
    Acura Integra A-Spec/Tech trim comes with low profile tires for better performance and looks and can feel the road to every small bump to a pot hole. These adaptive suspensions bring more comfort to the drive by making us feel less when hit to a bump. It comes with 4 modes for our interest, and give us comfortable drive with luxury and stiffness in sport mode for a proper driving experience.
Adaptive Damper System (ADS) – Adaptive Suspensions
  • Good mileage for CVT and decent for Manual transmission:
    I drove 3500 miles in 45 days and I have used it for my daily commute to work, had 3 long trips as well. I have seen 40+ miles/gallon on highways and 30+ miles/gallon in the city areas. Now these are good numbers for a performance sport compact car on comfort/normal modes. Acura posted 29 City/ 37 Hwy for the top trim but the real numbers are showing more than what they mentioned which is a good sign. Again, it all depends on how you drive. I am a normal driver, and I feel that these numbers a looking good for the driving. CVT transmissions are good for long driving without hitting the acceleration many times unlike the dual clutch transmissions and other automatic transmission and this gives more mileage for this CVT cars.
  • Smart safety features:
    Integra has all the smart features that a new generation car has and most of them are standard. Acura Watch & Driver Assist features are mostly standard on all trims expect for the Traffic Jam Assist, Low-Speed Braking Control and Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers. It recognizes the traffic speed signs and displays on the dashboard screen and HUD display. Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto maps are displayed on 3 screens including HUD display, 10.2-inch Digital Instrument Cluster (dashboard) and the central main touchscreen display.
  • Complimentary 3 Year AcuraLink subscription:
    Starting with the 2023 models, Acura is giving complimentary 3 year AcuraLink subscription for new buyers which include the full statistics of your car including remote start, lights, horn, trip details, driving details, trip details and review of each trip including hard breaks, hard acceleration, and driving performance ratings for each trip along with GPS and maps for the trips. A scorecard is provided for your driving and these metrics can also be used to submit for better insurance rates.
AcuraLink mobile application
  • Spacious interior:
    The interior is spacious enough for proper seating of 4-5 members. There is good legroom for the rear passengers and shoulder room is also good enough. More interior space compared to its premium class cars.
  • Huge trunk space:
    The trunk space is huge and fit much more that what sedans and hatchback cars can fit. Integra is considered as hatchback crossover but the trunk space is a good plus for buyers along with interior space. The 60/40 split of its rear folded seats gives even more space to store large items.
This hatchback design gives huge trunk space
  • ESL Studio 3D Premium audio system with 16 speakers :
    The Integra A-Spec Technology package comes with 16 speakers including subwoofer with amazing sound, clear and the subwoofer gives that extra bass. These speakers give the best music listening experience in its class. It also has 2 small speakers above the driver and passenger seats better, clearer output.
ELS Studio 3D premium audio system has amazing output
  • Sharp exterior design:
    The front exterior has a sharp design following its Acura pattern with the new front frameless Diamond Pentagon grille. This Integra is also a hatchback same as the older versions of Integra but looks like a combo of hatchback, sedan, crossover SUV like design in the rear. The rear hatchback design gives Integra a fresh new look and stands out with other cars.
  • Individual driving mode:
    The best part is that you can setup your own driving configurations according to your preferences. You configure 5 options individually such as the engine (sport/normal/comfort), suspension (stiff for sport, normal and comfort level), steering (sport/normal/comfort), front gauge color (red/white/blue), and . This brings up a cool feature of personalizing your own way and I love it.
Amazing feature for your own customization
  • Good for daily drive and active lifestyle:
    Its sleek, compact, sport like design with good mileage and comfort is set for perfect daily drive. Its hatchback design give huge trunk space for storage. Comfortable seating for 4-5 individuals with storage space for cup holders and trunk space gives proper room for long travels as well.
  • Lowest price point in its premium class vehicles:
    In its premium class vehicles like Audi, BMW, Benz, Lexus, etc, Acura Integra 2023 stands at a lower price point with reliable engines that Honda/Acura gives along with good comfort levels and driving experiences that you can get.
  • Acura Maintenance Program – 2-year/24,000-mile:
    The maintenance program contains oil changes and tire rotations for every 7500 miles and is good for 2 years or 24,000 miles whichever comes first.


  • No rear seat air vents:
    It is quite disappointing that there are no rear seat air vents for a premium car. There is space for it but it was not utilized for the air vents. Hoping that Acura can add air vents in that provided space for the next models. But my experiences show that the air vents were not much needed considering the size of the car where the front air vents were enough to go till rear. To keep the price point lower, I believe Acura choose to not go for it. It never bothered me but it would have been better to have rear air vents. Hotter areas might feel more difference.
  • Many good features are limited to only top trim level:
    There are many good features in the Acura Integra 2023 but to get the best of them you have to opt for the A-Spec Technology package which is the top trim level. The A-Spec design would nice and the Technology package with it is the best you can get to experience the whole new Integra. All the best features are assigned to the Technology package and that is the highest price point starting at $35,800.
  • Less luxury features for a premium car:
    Compared to other premium car features, Integra lacks few luxury features such as no ventilated seats, no rear seat air vents, no 360 degree camera view, no built-in navigation on any trims, no automatic trunk hatch open, etc. But these features are not much of a necessity but good to have features. As mentioned earlier, Acura kept the lower price to give strong competition to the other premium cars so I believe that these can be negligible.

Key fob – Acura Integra 2023 A-Spec Tech CVT:

Integra remote start is only available on the CVT A-Spec Technology package and is not available on the Manual A-Spec Technology package. It is a perfect size and the design is also very good. This remote start has a feedback as well which tell us that the car responded to the keys with a green light which mean the action is performed. You can also open all the windows and moonroof with the remote. Hit the unlock once and then hold the unlock again until you want the windows to open. You can stop where you want or completely open all the windows and moonroof.
Below is the key fob picture of Acura Integra 2023 A-Spec Technology package:

Many options with the remote start including opening windows and sleek design

Comparing to previous Acura ILX:

I previously owned an Acura ILX 2019 A-Spec Tech and upgraded to the new Acura Integra 2023 CVT with A-Spec Tech for many reasons. Integra is more spacious than the ILX, more comfort levels with the Adaptive Damper System (ADS), better mileage, more safety features including the parking sensors and new upgraded AcuraWatch system which has Traffic Jam Assist, Low Speed Breaking Control, Traffic Sign Recognition, better Adaptive Cruise Control with lower speeds, etc.

Comparing to Honda Civic Si:

Under the hood, the new Integra comes with the same turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that you’ll find in the Honda Civic Si. Similar to the Civic Si, the Integra produces 200 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque. On the top trim level, the Integra is available with a six-speed manual as a no-cost option. The Integra’s interior is similar to the current Civic’s interior. There are some upscale material choices, but the infotainment screen, steering wheel and climate controls are all identical to those in the Civic.


To summarize in few words, the all new Acura Integra 2023 is great car with good performance, comfort levels, good for daily drive and active lifestyle, spacious enough with good mileage and real good safety features and design. I would recommend to get an Integra 2023 specifically the A-Spec Technology package as it is loaded up with many good and useful features. My experiences had many long drives, short drives, daily commute to work and I feel that it was a good choice in opting this car considering many factors and I have not faced any negatives or met with any issues till date. Acura came up with this nameplate for a reason and I believe they want to target all kinds of individuals keep current scenarios in mind that are going on in this world. Their cars are so reliable and I feel they will come up with a Type R or Type S in the coming years for a more performance car for the drivers who are very much eagerly waiting for. I will be posting more content on each feature in the upcoming posts along with video review on youtube channel @lifeequilibrium .

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  1. Good article on the vehicle. I liked the pros and cons that the author has mentioned.

    It is interesting to see a lot of safety tech for a vehicle in this price range.

    Also, Having an automatic rev-matching makes the manual far more forgiving (and easier) to use while driving in the city or during stop-and-go traffic.

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