All About Photography. What Why and How? Tips and Tricks.

Let us discuss Photography today. Photography is what we are looking at every day . In this post you will get to know what is photography, what are the types of photography, what equipment do you need for it, what are the camera features for beginners, how to create a photography page/website, how to photograph, the tips and tricks, and where you can learn photography if you are really interested to start your career on it. Let’s go through these one by one and you will have a better way to look at photography with a clear mind on what you want after reading this post.

 What is Photography?

The process of capturing an image through digital electronics. Photograph is a combination of two Greek words.

“Photo” and “Graph”

Photo means Light

Graph means Draw

It can be called “Drawing with light”.

Photos are the best way of capturing moments, memories and telling stories. There are many reasons to pick photography. Photos can be captured through DSLR or phone camera. Both DSLR Camera and Phone Camera have their own pros and cons. But with the right skills, you can master any device to get the perfect picture.

Types of Photography:

Let’s look into different types of Photography and what defines each one to make it so different from each other.

Portrait Photography: It is about capturing the person’s attitude, personality,  and identity utilizing backgrounds, posing, and lighting. 

Wedding Photography: Capturing the best moments of the couples. Wedding photography has been increasing in demand these years and everyone is fond of posting pictures in social media with the best poses possible in a unique way.

Candid photography: Capturing images of unexpected moments. Candid would be the best pictures to enjoy the moments and memories. Everyone loves candid pictures as they are very natural and it defines the moments properly.

Photojournalism: It is about communicating news through photographs. These photos are related to capturing political, poverty, message oriented, and kind of defining the message spread to the world.  

Fashion Photography: It glamorizes fashion clothing and fashion items and works with models. These pictures are used to print in magazines, huge billboards, to expand their clothing and accessories brand value.

Sports Photography: Capturing the pictures of sports and athletes. Live sports events, consisting mainly of videography and sport mode photo capturing techniques, are required. 

Still Life Photography: Features natural objects or man-made objects. It can be artistic or commercial.

Editorial Photography: The images that accompany an article for a magazine or newspaper.

Architectural Photography: Photography that focuses on buildings and its designs and the structural beauty of skyscrapers. .

Nature Photography: Photography that captures nature (forest, ocean, deserts,  insects, etc.)

Landscape Photography:  Capturing an image of nature that embodies the spirit of the outdoor. Sunrise and sunset photos come under this category.

Pet Photography: Capturing pet’s funny and sweet moments, personalities, and habits.

Drone Photography: Capturing images and videos through aerial vehicle or aircraft systems. Unique perspective view of capturing images of nature from air. Should be careful while flying drones in certain areas as not all cities have the 

Advertising photography: Capturing images to advertise in magazines or newspapers.

Astro photography: Capturing or recording images in the night sky like the moon, stars, planets, and satellites.

Black and white photography: Capturing images without a color (black and white). Mostly the portrait pictures are kept to black and white to focus on the person or object. Many photographers prefer going with blank and white photographs as they want to keep the portraits simple.

Macro photography: Capturing images of insects, birds through the macro lens.

Photography Equipment:

If you are planning to be a professional photographer, then you must have the below equipment needed for a proper capture and to have proper backup for long travels.

  • Camera Body (camera phone)
  • Lenses (and cover)
  • Tripod
  • External Light
  • External Hard Drive
  • Memory Cards
  • Bag/Carrier Gear
  • Cleaning Supplies for lens and camera
  • Extra Rechargeable Batteries

Camera Features For Beginners:

Below are the basic features of a camera which you should know in order to properly understand the metrics and usage of a camera. Basic terminology is needed to use a camera in a manual mode.

  • Viewfinder (and grid mode)
  • Zoom
  • Focus
  • Color Balance
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • Flash
  • Manual Mode (and additional modes)
  • Light Balance/Exposure
  • ISO
  • Histogram
  • RAW vs. JPEG

How to create a photography website:

Well, if you are really interested to start a career in photography, and want to go far with this, then it would be better you start your own photography page first and portray your pictures with your skills and make yourselves grow with followers in social media or traffic to your website. When you want to go for a career in photography, companies or individuals who want to give work to you willf first look at your photography profile in your social media or website.

Starting your own profile is very important for your value to rise and to build your confidence. So, to start your online profile, look at the few steps below.

  • Set clear goals
  • Include your best photographs
  • Create your layout
  • Choose the perfect template
  • Add the right pages
  • Connect to your social channels
  • Improve your photography website’s SEO
  • Keep your site updated
  • Optimize for mobile viewing
  • Ask for feedback

How to photograph:

In order to succeed, you will need to first know the purpose of why you are taking a photograph. If you have a clear mind of what you want and why you want, then you can go far with success with proper clarity in mind.

  • Find your inspiration
  • Read camera manual and understand all options and buttons
  • Find a good location and set your equipment
  • Check your photo through the lens, and make sure the light and color are balanced.
  • Hold your camera properly and carefully.
  • Take as many photos as possible and try not to check each one as you take them.
  • Edit your photos post photoshoot.
  • Keep practicing!

Photography Tips:

Tips and tricks are always helpful in any aspect of our lives. Below are some of the photography tips that might help you in getting better pictures and make you a better photographer.

  • Get in close
  • Keep an eye out for composition
  • Practice every day
  • Check for even lighting
  • Plan out your depth of field
  • Keep your batteries charged
  • Watch for the golden hour
  • Stick to the rule of thirds
  • Learn how to work with motion.
  • Experiment with filters
  • Edit your photos.
  • Keep your photos organized
  • Focus on perspective
  • Try micro or macro photography
  • Don’t over pack equipment
  • Plan ahead
  • Be aware of your background
  • Check your exposure
  • Make sure your subject is relaxed

Photography Classes For Beginners:

There are several courses out there that teach photography. It can be online or in-person, you will still have a better understanding of how to capture great photos by learning the right techniques. Below are some of the types of photography classes you can find at your nearest locations.

  • Community College Courses
  • Private, Instructor-led Courses
  • Community or Civic Center Courses
  • Local Club Programs
  • Online Courses
  • Camera Store Programs

To conclude this post, you are now able to get a basic knowledge of what photography is and how to use it for your interests. Please share this post and thank you for visiting our blog. Please share your comments below as your feedback will help us get better content and grow faster.